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Chris Sturgess

Owner & Personal Trainer
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Chris’s philosophy and view point on health and wellbeing is that for so many people, Mums in particular use their ‘body composition’ as the key metric for measuring their health. When the true key metric for health is ‘energy and vitality’, focus on this and body composition will be a mere by-product of the lifestyle you lead of nourishing your body with good food and water and strengthening your body with safe and effective exercise.

Chris believes not all Mums have problems with their bodies after pregnancy and labor and recover at a different rate to one another, but does think it’s best to exercise caution and take into special considerations of the changes and the impacts pregnancy and labor can have on women.


As a Dad, Chris recognizes the need for all parents, especially Mums to ramp up self-care before and after the time of having a baby. He believes if Mums can make their health a top priority and create strong health values within yourself then this type of positive behavior benefits not just you but will also trickle down and impact our children’s lives forever, giving them one of the best gifts they can be given, good health.

Chris took 6 months off his business in 2016 to focus on his son, Will, and take care of the family after his Wife returned to work from her maternity leave. Chris is a Dad who still does much of the stereotypical wife duties around the home, whilst now running his full time personal training business.

This experience and lifestyle has given him an insight into the need for the emotional support Mums really need, along with the importance of specialized education around exercise for pre and post-natal Mothers.

Combine this life experience, absolute passion for holistic health and over a decade of courses, seminars, summits, webinars, reading, listening, watching, talking, observing and non-stop self-directed learnings in the personal training, health and wellness industry and you get Movement For Mummas – Chris’s Outdoor Group Personal Training program specifically created for Mums with little ones.

Chris’s message on health & wellbeing – “We should never lose sight of what’s truly important in life, that is, to have happiness and live a full life with abundant energy until we grow old. Health is the foundation to a life like this. And leading our children with true intention on that will stay deep within them for their life and their children’s life and so on”.


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3 Reviews

Melanie Heffernan

Chris’ classes are in a league of their own! For mums who are keen to get active for better physical and mental health, Chris’ approach is tailored to mums and an understanding of the challenges we face with sore lower backs and weakened pelvic floors.

I have found his style to be genuine and understanding – but tough and I’ve really enjoyed being reintroduced to fitness with his PT sessions. It’s really good time out from my baby too. Highly recommend doing this for yourself mamas!

Rachel Veronika

I signed up with Chris this year after a trial session last year and I am loving the mum’s and bub’s sessions. Being active and working out with other mum’s whilst my baby is cared for has meant that I feel better both physically and mentally, I have already lost weight and am much fitter now!

Chris has a wealth of knowledge in health and fitness and is great in tailoring the sessions to suit everyone. I highly recommend the mums and bubs program and look forward to continuing my fitness.

Kerry Venter

I would highly recommend Naked Health to all Mums! I was hesitant to go as my fitness is way below average and I had concerns how my baby would settle without me around, but I decided to do a trial class. Chris and the nannies are awesome!

After 1 trial class I signed up for the rest of the term and actually look forward to the class! Chris pushes you whilst understanding your limitations and my baby settled in with no worries with the lovely nannies. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!