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Janet Smith

Owner & Personal Trainer


My purpose is to help women FEEL great no matter what their age, shape or size! As a mother of 3, I understand the demands of the modern mum. Being strong (both physically and mentally) is so important in order to care for yourself and those around you.

Janet’s view on health and wellbeing is that for so many people, Mums in particular, use their ‘body composition’ as the key metric for measuring their health and selfworth!

Shifting this metric to focus on ‘energy and vitality’, will see your body composition becoming a mere by-product of the lifestyle you lead entailing adequate selfcare, nourishing food, adequate water and SAFE, effective exercise.

Janet prides herself in taking care of all her clients to ensure they exercise safely with options always being provided to meet individual needs. As Mums we need to focus on rebuilding from the inside out, stretching, mobilising and strengthening those areas most affected by the demands of pregnancy and parenting.

Janet is not in this business to help you achieve a certain ‘look’! She simply wants to see more mums, move more and have the ability to really play with their kids and in turn bring the ‘fun’ back their lives.


Janet is mum to 3 active girls and started working in the health & fitness industry in 2005. After suffering a traumatic stillbirth with her first daughter she decided to throw in her finance career and pursue her lifelong passion for health & fitness. The personal growth and strength that she gained from her deeply sad experience has changed the trajectory of her life for the better.

Janet had continued to work in the industry throughout all of her pregnancies with just short breaks after each birth. Herself gaining energy and positive vibrations from being physically active and in regular contact with other mums it only cemented her passion for educating, energising and empowering others.

As a result of her own experiences, she takes a very balanced approach to working with mums, focusing on ALL areas of a women’s lifestyle to ensure that she is feeling supported and what we achieve together in the fitness sessions enables her to thrive in her daily life.


  • Cert 3&4 in Health & Fitness
  • SRE Accreditation
  • Accredited Athletics Australia Coach
  • Lvl 2 Recreational Running Coach
  • Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional -Lvl 3


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1 Reviews


I have trained at many gyms and been led by many personal trainers and none actually took the time to find out about me and my situation and then remembered me and my situation and continued to ask about me and my situation and then tailored training and mentoring to me during classes/sessions.

That is until I met Janet Smith. To Janet I am not just a paycheck or another before/after, I am a real person, a lifestyle, a quality of life, a journey and a friend. She is personable and professional and knowledgeable. She makes the effort to know me (and my family) and then in each and every class offer me alternatives based on where my abilities are at.

She will wind it back to reduce risk, or amp it up to give me the motivation I need to get to the next level. She has made it possible for me to train safely during and after pregnancy and provides ongoing support and advice to continue to stay fit and healthy no matter what stage I’m at in life’s road. Janet is an amazing strong, fit and healthy supermum who inspires me and provides me with the opportunities and motivation to do the same!