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Rachel Leman

Owner & Personal Trainer
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My passion is helping women to feel great no matter what their age, shape or size! “As a mother of 3 children, I understand the needs of a women’s body. A strong woman (both physically and mentally) is so important in order to care for yourself and those around you. Your life has changed over the years and so has your body.

Your training may also need to change in order to adapt and get you feeling fit and strong again.” All women are made different and that is why one exercise program simply does not fit all.  Rachel prides herself in taking extra care of each and every one of her clients to ensuring they exercise safely. Options are always provided to meet individual needs ensuring they get what they need each and every workout.


Rachel has always been an active person remaining so throughout her pregnancies. She believes that keeping active helped her remain healthy, assisted with her birthing process, and also helped her to return to exercise and start training again shortly after her babies were born. Rachel knows exercise makes us feel great, and gives mums a little much needed time to themselves to recharge my batteries.

It was a natural progression for Rachel to become a fitness professional so she jumped right in with just DO IT attitude! She completed her Certificates III & IV in Fitness and hasn’t looked back. Miss Motivator Women’s Workouts was born in 2012 and has evolved over the years to meet the needs of the mums of Port Macquarie.


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8 Reviews

Madeline Rex

Rachel helped me safely return to exercise 6 weeks after my 4th baby. Her knowledge of post-partum health and fitness has been invaluable and her workouts are modified to suit my body’s individual needs – in particular, she has taken great care to ensure I am doing appropriate exercises to improve diastasis recti. Best of all, I can take my babes with me.

Jen OConnell

Fantastic personal trainer with the patience of a saint! I attended the 6wk mums & Bubs class – what an awesome idea. It was so good to have the opportunity for a workout without needing a babysitter. Rachel was great at tailoring exercises to suit post-partum women & persevered through crying babies & chatty, sleep deprived mums 🙂 Thankyou Rachel!

Hoitink Constructions

Rach is amazing, she knows so much about women’s bodies. I started training with her after my second baby and am now stronger and fitter than I have ever been. She always goes that extra mile to help you reach your goals and always checks in on how your going.

Syrella Hardman Archibald

I love miss motivator workouts! Rach is able to accommodate my injury and I get to bring along my daughters. No stuffy gyms or crèche! The other ladies not only motivate you but always make it lots of fun. Great, friendly, encouraging environment to workout!

Emma Norton

I wish I could give 10 stars. I am loving my sessions with Rachel and am feeling stronger mentally and physically every day! Thank you for being the most welcoming and understanding PT I have ever met (and I’ve met a few in my time)!

Clare Woods

I loved how Rachel made me feel super comfortable returning to exercise after baby #2. I learned things about my own body (especially my pelvic floor) and what I should / shouldn’t do until it regained strength. The classes were super fun and very welcoming and the 1 hour of ‘me’ time was great in forcing me to do something for myself. Highly recommend for all mums

Vivien Ronan

I recommend Rachel to all mums! I started 6 weeks after I had my baby and she has helped me get bacķ into exercise safely.

Rhiannon Rigoni

I found life postpartum, becomes a place of hiding inside your home and lounging about almost always. It wasn’t until I started Mummy’s Fitness classes and got out in the fresh air, sunshine and moved about that I actually felt “alive”. I was able to take an hour a week to focus on my own mental, emotional and physical health, which also positively impacted on my baby’s health.

It feels like a big task getting ready to go to a class and let’s face it, it is exhausting getting yourself and bub out the door of a morning. But I can guarantee this small outing will make all the difference. It will also help adjust when returning to work- you’ve proven you’re able to get up, ready and out the door.

Thank you for everything you have done for me, Rach!