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Rachel Lloyd

Owner & Personal Trainer
Articles by Rachel Lloyd


Rachel’s mission is to build awareness that as a Mum ‘YOU’ matter. Overall caring for your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, making yourself a priority. Mamas Journeys core values are health, connection and happiness.

HEALTH: Caring for Mothers from the inside out, rebuilding their bodies, along with functional movements and cardio, prepares Mums for everyday life. Rachel checks for abdominal separation and works closely with Women’s Health Physios.

CONNECTION: We believe it is important for Mums to surround themselves with like-minded Mums. We have Nannies to mind the little ones if required, while they have an hour of their OWN time. Build lifelong relationships and connect, about Mum life – sharing the Motherhood journey together.

HAPPINESS: Exercise has a profound impact, increasing energy levels and reduces stress. If a Mother is happy, so are their children, which we promise, will change a family’s dynamic.


Rachel is a Mum of one little princess and is passionate about staying fit & healthy. Her fitness journey started 8 years ago when she was diagnosed with hashimotos disease and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) so always had to work hard with both exercise and diet.

Rachel believes you can achieve anything you put your mind to and has great memories completing marathons and triathlons.

Eager to get back into exercise after having her baby, she experienced an exercise induced prolapse and this is how Mamas Journeys was born. In early 2018 Rachel became a qualified Pre & Postnatal trainer and started her journey to share her knowledge and connect Mums.


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Mamas Journeys partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

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5 Reviews

Kylie Seller

After baby no 2 I was eager to get back into exercise, but also nervous as I have had a few friends experience problems as a result of going too hard, too soon. I was confused as to what was safe to do and struggled to find consistent info online.

After just 1 session with Rachel, I left feeling empowered with knowledge and a variety of exercises to practice. She is knowledgeable and passionate about womens health and fitness and I highly recommend her services!

Kimberley Tindle

Mamas Journeys helped me conquer my own journey through a difficult post partum. With care and understanding I knew Rach understood me having experienced alot of the same health challenges herself. Rach listened and supported me with a tailored PT program that suited my sensitive body and even worked around my bubs sleep times.

I have gained confidence and strength in my body within a few sessions. Rach is so passionate about this area of womens health, she is a wealth of info. I hope to share the recovery journey with other mummas at MJs bootcamps in the new year, fun and fitness!

Leah King

I got up early one morning after a particularly long night with the kids and was absolutely exhausted and lacking the drive to attend the session. I did anyway. Afterwards I was so glad I did.

Best way to reenergize and mentally prepare for another day. In short it was exactly what I needed.

Eva Hayes

Rachel’s attention to pelvic strength and consciously engaging the right muscles before any exercise was refreshingly new and kept me super focused.

Katherine Brennan

Thanks Rach for a wonderful training session. I loved your instruction regarding how to turn on the pelvic floor muscles and check that you are not utilising the outer ab muscles. I’ve been to a number of Physio led Pilates sessions focusing on building the pelvic floor and no one has ever taught or mentioned the technique of feeling for the outer muscles to ensure they are not turned on.

The exercises we did were easy to do yet I’m definitely feeling all of the muscles I used yesterday! It was a great workout. I loved talking with some of the other Mums and it was wonderful to be able to have my baby Charley with me.