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Kristy Hanley

Owner & Personal Trainer


Kristy’s mission is to create a supportive and welcoming child-friendly environment where mums can confidently return to exercise rebuilding their bodies from the inside out.

Kristy’s motto is Move – Reactivate – Empower.

Kristy’s sessions are structured to effectively prepare the body for exercise. Kristy begins each session with pelvic floor awareness and activation, an active warm-up that switches on essential muscle groups prior to moving into the daily workout and a stretch to finish. Kristy performs abdominal separation assessments on each client and works closely with a Women’s Health Physio.

In addition to exercise, Kristy aims to empower women through education, the of sharing of birth stories – opening up conversations about taboo topics, and by creating a community of beautiful mums to ensure everyone is supported physically, emotionally and mentally.

Kristy believes in having children observe mums participating in health and fitness encourages healthy behaviors for younger generations. There is nothing more rewarding then experiencing the pure enjoyment of a child mimicking their mum exercising!


Kristy is a mum of one beautiful, yet wild little girl; Milah. Health and fitness had always been a big part of Kristy’s upbringing and in 2015 she entered the fitness industry as a personal trainer, primarily training women with bootcamps, PT sessions, boxing and strength training.

Kristy remained active throughout her pregnancy, however often felt judged for her exercise choices. Fast forward…after an emergency cesarean Kristy

had a new appreciation for the need to recover her body and rebuild from within instead of just ‘bouncing back’ to pre-baby movements like modern society expected. Kristy felt mums lacked support and education, with so much focus on the new baby – mum was somewhat forgotten about.

Kristy recognised mums around her were not always comfortable entering a gym, some suffered various weaknesses post pregnancy, and were on the look out for greater social interactions. From this Kristy’s interest in pre and post-natal fitness grew, she wanted to update her skills and knowledge and do more for the mums in her local area, consequently Kristy begun offering Mums and Bubs outdoor group fitness sessions. Kristy was determined to encourage mums to prioritise themselves, take some well-earnt ‘me time’ by getting outdoors with other mums, creating social networks and getting back to basics by simply moving their bodies.

Furthermore, Kristy is studying a Bachelor of Nursing and has future ambitions to study Midwifery, combing this with pre and post-natal fitness assisting more women with their mum journeys.


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Kristy Hanley Personal Training partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

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7 Reviews

Ashlee Titterton

Kristy and KHPT Mums and Bubs Fitness was the turning point with improving my post natal heath and well being. After my second child, I was feeling sluggish and needed the motivation to get back to my active self.

The mums and bubs fitness classes was what I needed to motivate me to get moving again. Kristy focuses on maternal wellbeing, pelvic floor strength, and general fitness that, for me, helped with nursing my newest addition as well as improving my energy levels to chase around my toddler.

Accessibility to a fitness program as a new mum is hard as there isn’t a lot of places that will let you keep bub with you while you work out, which is what drew me to Kristys program. The flexibility of being able to keep up fitness while ensuring bub is safe with an on-site nanny is really handy. After the 8 week session, I could not only see a difference in my post natal body, but more importantly I was feeling amazing. Kristy definitely promotes maternal wellbeing and her kind, positive and motivational attitude helped me feel very included and comfortable, especially knowing she has our best interest at heart. Thank you Kristy.

Melissa Gahan

Kristy is an amazing personal trainer and I highly recommend her Mums and Bubs Group Fitness classes. Kristy has so much fitness knowledge, especially around women’s health and is passionate about getting Mums moving safely.

Kristy truly cares about the physical and mental health of her clients and has created a safe, fun and encouraging Mums and Bubs Group Fitness class.

She has really helped to improve my self confidence after having kids and knowledge of my body, especially pelvic floor strength.

Laura Stanford

I’ve struggled a lot mentally and physically since having my baby 8 months ago. I was worried coughing or sneezing in public as my pelvic floor was seriously weakened from not knowing how to correctly do exercises for it my whole adult life.

I knew I needed help and support getting back into light training, but was honestly so embarrassed to even say it outloud. My friend showed me Kristy’s page asking for mums and bubs to join her program and it had been EXACTLY what i needed. Fitness that incorporates pelvic floor training as well as a safe environment for my anxious self to be comfortable going to.

Kristy asked a heap of questions to gauge where I was at in regards to fitness plus pelvic floor and there was not one point that I felt unsafe or awkward with her asking me private questions for her to safely train with me. She has been nothing but supportive and beyond kind with me starting out and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone else thinking of getting back into it!

Maddi Ivers

When you have 2 young kids it’s almost impossible to find time for yourself. Ive always wanted to improve my fitness (i was lacking motivation and energy) after having kids but looking into gyms they were expensive and didn’t accommodate kids.

I saw an ad for Kristys Mums and Bubs PT sessions, it ticked all the boxes so i signed up with a girlfriend. Since starting in June I have never felt better about myself physically and mentally. Kristy is so supportive and motivating and each session is so much fun! Even after sleepless nights It’s been great going to improve my fitness and connect with other mums. I would recommend Kristy’s PT sessions to everyone!

Carina Briggs

Kristy has been so supportive and understanding throughout my return to exercise post children, her knowledge and experience has helped me greatly. She has provided a lovely and nurturing environment for my son and me to make some new friends – all whilst I get some much needed exercise done!

Amie Mapstone

When I started ‘going to the gym’ I never felt comfortable or like I knew what I was doing. One day my best friend decided to try a group fitness session with Kristy, I thought ‘yeah, I’ll give it a go’ thinking I would try a few and give up…

But Kristy made me (and the rest of us) feel welcome and comfortable, she taught us how to do the exercises. Kristy has vast knowledge in all aspects of personal training. I have now been training with Kristy for years, (with some time off with injuries and a baby,) but I’m now training again and enjoy being back.

Jo Galva

Kristy is such an amazing trainer. She is so encouraging and knowledgeable, with a keen focus on women’s health and their needs post-partum. I have felt very comfortable training with her from the beginning.

I have loved getting my body moving again and the feeling of getting stronger and more toned. Kristy is very accommodating to individual needs and no session is ever the same. Thank you for passing on your knowledge and helping me become a fitter, healthier mum for my two boys!