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Jaclyn Bottom

Owner & Personal Trainer


“I want to be a helpful stepping stone in the motherhood journey!” Jaclyn believes in educating women about their bodies, helping to reduce anxiety and building fabulous strong mothers. She wants to be the encouragement some women need to confidently return to exercise and activities they love. Jac believes in the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and surrounding yourself with a support network of likeminded mummies.

Through her training, she hopes to create an environment in which women feel encouraged and supported.


Jaclyn always loved sport and fitness naturally progressing to become a PDHPE teacher in 2004 then onto being a personal trainer in 2008. She has always loved helping people and feels very rewarded seeing clients happy and healthy. Since becoming a mother of two spirited girls, Jaclyn has experienced her own difficulties of pelvic floor weakness and the uncertainties of not knowing how to strengthen her body correctly. She understands the competing priorities of looking after your own health and fitness, while juggling the demands of motherhood! These feelings, and the experiences of friends, ignited a passion in her to learn, help and educate pre and postnatal women.


  • Bachelor of Human Movement & Bachelor of Teaching
  • Safe Return to Exercise Accredited
  • Modern Pregnancy Exercise Certificate (Burrell Education)
  • Modern Postnatal Assessment & Functional Exercise Prescription Certificate. (Burrell Education)


  Baby Friendly
  Women’s Health Physio Partners
  One on One Personal Training
  Small-Group Training (up to 4-people)
  Home visits


  Resistance Training
  Core and Posture


Jaclyn Bottom partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Locations & Times

Australia NSW Jindabyne

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Between 9am - 5pm
9:00 am
45 mins
Between 9am - 5pm
9:00 am
45 mins

3 Reviews

Sheree Moore

Exercise has always been a huge part of my emotional and physical wellbeing. Prior to having my first baby I was quite active and exercised frequently, however after being pregnant and having a natural birth my body didn’t seem to function in the same way which was quite frustrating for me. My experience with Jaclyn gave me the motivation and direction I needed to overcome this frustration. The sessions were very personal, detailed and tailored to my specific needs. Jaclyn made me more aware of the changes that occurred in my body due to pregnancy and birth, and how this impacted on the way I exercised. This meant that I was able to focus more on the areas of my body which needed strengthening or support, while also correcting a lot of the mistakes I picked up over the years so that I could get the most out of every session. I loved how Jaclyn was so aware of my physical and emotional wellbeing beyond simply building strength or fitness, even ensuring that I was working closely with a physio and other health professionals. Because of this the sessions seemed very family friendly, holistic and professional which was reassuring and motivating. These sessions have given me much needed direction! I now have a much better understanding of what my body needs and how I can build my capacity to exercise without doing more damage.

Erin Horne

I hate exercise, I have been to the gym once in my life. But when I fell pregnant with our miracle rainbow baby, I knew I wanted to give this the best chance at life and for me and the baby to be as happy and healthy as can be. Jaclyn is amazing! She makes me feel really comfortable learning all of these new exercises, even if she has to explain it to me over and over until I get it. I am always giggling at myself and she giggles with me, I love that. But she is also very professional, passionate and knowledgeable about what she is doing. We are training my body for pregnancy, birth and post pregnancy, getting those muscles (that I never knew I had) ready to stretch, grow and prepare for childbirth and beyond. To be honest I didn’t even know what my pelvic floor was or how important it is! It’s such an important time and I think every expectant mother should have this support on their pregnancy journey, to learn what our bodies are capable of and make this process a little easier. Jaclyn is a great teacher and this little community will benefit greatly from her expertise; I highly recommend her classes!

Annelies Gray

After my second baby I felt I just had to learn to rock my new mummy body and embrace all its new lumps and bumps. I believed rushing to the toilet to avoid an accident was just another side effect of bringing beautiful babies into the world. I was wrong… working with Jac she helped me understand the importance of working from the inside out and improving the impact of carrying and delivering a child. She has helped rebuild my core which has solved my toileting issues, flatten my stomach almost back to my pre-baby body, lose 6kg and enable me to exercise again without risking long term damage. Jac is knowledgeable, patient and accommodating and happy to whip my butt into shape, all while training with 2 children literally hanging off me… couldn’t recommend her more.