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Michele Corasaniti

Owner & Personal Trainer
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Be Alive Fitmumz sessions are specially designed to show you the safest and most effective exercises that will really help post natal mums no matter how far down the track you have had your babies. These specialized group sessions will help strengthen your pelvic floor, repair your core and rebuild from the inside out to help more and more mums reach their full potential.


Experience Michele Corasaniti Be Alive Fitness – Fitmumz – Building stronger, fitter Mumz. Michele is a mother to Marcel and Amelia. Dedicated to team sports and fitness Michele Studied with the Australian Institute of fitness in 2014 to gain her Fitness Certifications and finally found what she truly loved. Starting in parks and school ovals with boot camp classes she then set up her home gym. A place where she knew mothers could train with their children by their side making it a fun, family, kid, friendly atmosphere.

Michele’s Week Winter Warrior program won Fitness Australia’s WA Active Communities Award in 2015 and the impact Michele began to have on her local community’s health and fitness grew immensely and she added more challenges to her annual calendar and in turn, helped more and more people.

Michele keeps up to date with what’s new and fresh and is committed to helping her clients to reach their true potential. Michele has trained in HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Kettlebells and TRX. With her expertise in the HIIT training field, Michele was appointed Master Trainer for HIIT STEP Australia in 2017.

Meeting Jen Dugard at the Fitness Australia awards, Michele knew she also wanted to make a difference to more Mum’s lives inside and out. Becoming Safe Return to Exercise accredited, Michele is excited and driven to build fitter and stronger, mothers at her specialized Fitmumz sessions giving them a safer transition and more confident approach.


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Be Alive Fitness partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

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Be Alive Fitness
10:20 am
60 mins
Be Alive Fitness
10:20 am
60 mins

1 Reviews

Chelsea Allinson

A very happy and comfortable environment, especially for people like me who don’t do much fitness, will definitely be going back, well done Michele.