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Monique Morgan

Owner & Personal Trainer


Monique is on a mission to provide mums with the safe, effective and knowledgeable exercise instruction and support they deserve. A mother’s body has done amazing things but it’s also been through a lot and this can’t be disregarded when returning to exercise.


Monique is mother to two little people, Ben and Isaac. Health and fitness have always been a passion and focus for Monique and so as natural progression would have it she completed her Cert III & IV in and around being pregnant and raising her little ones.

Originally serving the general population as a group trainer, Monique could recognise the many pitfalls and setbacks that mums were up against when it came to trying to stay fit, healthy and sane all while juggling the multitude of balls that motherhood can throw at a woman. Monique decided to put her own fitness philosophy into practice and developed a program specifically catering to mums of every season, providing much-needed health and fitness support as well as sanity-saving “me time”.


  • Cert III & IV Fitness
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Safe Return to Exercise


  Baby Friendly
  Child Friendly
  Women’s Health Physio Partners
  Pre-school Fitness
  One on One Personal Training
  Group Training (5+ people)
  Pregnancy Friendly


  Resistance Training
  Core and Posture


Fit Philosophy partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

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1 Reviews

Brittany Sprules

As a first time mum, coming back to working out was difficult and a bit daunting. My mind expected to be able to just pick up exactly where I left off, but my postpartum body couldn’t do that. Monique showed me what I should and shouldn’t do every step of the way. And as my body recovered, she slowly started to challenge me to try new things, and go up a weight in certain things, sometimes surprising myself at what I could.

She also made me realize that I needed to be more forgiving with myself in terms of the weight loss goals I had set and to appreciate the fact that I’d just grown and birthed a human! And my body deserved time to recover from that. However, she still did everything she could to try and help me reach those goals and continually supported and encouraged me on my postpartum fitness journey.

Thank you Monique 🙌