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Anita Guerra

Owner, Personal and Group Trainer and Registered Midwife
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Anita believes that all women can empower themselves with the correct guidance to reduce fear and anxiety so they can enjoy pregnancy and transition well into motherhood. She belives all women deserve to be educated and informed on choices and the importance of the correct prenatal and postnatal care guidelines with exercise while protecting their pelvic floor and bodies from life long complications.

Her fitness programs help women to build strength and exercise safely. They learn about pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and how to activate safely to carry their baby well and reduce complications. Many report their pregnancies have felt easier, and their birth experiences more positive, with reduced need for analgesia, experiencing a smoother recovery period.

Anita monitors their post birth journey closely, teaching them how to return to exercise safely while creating a positive mindset and providing them with a supportive community.

Anita also draws on her own experience as a mother and found her second birth to be the hardest. By going through her own journey she knew she wanted to do more for women around post birth education.


Anita is the proud owner and founder of Fit For 2 – Total Pregnancy Fitness and Fit For 2 PRO her new online educational programs for pregnant and post birth mums. Alongside being a Personal Trainer Anita holds the unique combination of also being a registered midwife and nurse with over 12 years’ experience. She also has two gorgeous kids Nicco and Alex.

Anita works with conceiving, pregnant and post birth women to ensure they exercise safely by protecting their pelvic floor and abdominals.

She believes all women should have the chance to be educated and exercise safely in this special time in their life.

Anita has seen many women as a Midwife struggle throughout pregnancy and postnatally due to obesity, diabetes, poor fitness, long labours and poor post birth recovery, which has often lead to incontinence and increased abdominal separation which could have been avoided with the right support. These outcomes made her realise that women need help, they need to be educated, and they need someone to trust and this is why Fit For 2 and Fit For 2 PRO were created to help as many women to have a positive experience during their pregnancy and post birth journey.


  • Registered Nurse Div 1
  • Registered Midwife
  • Bachelor Health Promotion
  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Safe Return to Exercise with Jen Dugard
  • Core Foundations in Practice – Pelvic Floor First
  • Freestyle Group Fitness Instructor
  • Gymstick and Swissball Instructor
  • Certified Pilates Fitness Instructor

Anita also holds pregnancy and safe return to exercise classes at other locations across Mernda and Mill Park. Please complete the Book a Trial form to discuss further.


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Fit For 2 partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Locations & Times

Australia VIC Melbourne South Morang

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Mums and Bubs Fitness
9:30 am
45 mins
Mums and Bubs Fitness
9:30 am
45 mins
Mums and Bubs Fitness
7:30 am
45 mins

10 Reviews

Louisa Porter

I have been doing fit for 2’s postnatal mum’s and bubs class for almost a year and highly recommend it. Anita has been great with supporting my postbirth recovery and always provided safe yet challenging exercises.

She also provides toys to entertain my toddler and a the venue is a safe place for him to play while I workout.

Jessica Turner

Fitfor2 has been an awesome exercising experience. As a coach, Anita is professional, motivated and fun to be around! With her warm, encouraging words she reminded us to work hard without straining or pushing, listening to our bodies, which I personally found to be the most inspiring part of the workout. 
Getting together with other mums and bubs has been so positive for not only myself but my daughter as well. And the exercise routines have added an all-round positive glow to my life, which then helps me emotionally and mentally when Im at home, more able to respond in a balanced way. Im also loving having toned arms and legs! 
I highly recommend this program to any mums out there who want to get fit and have fun!

Laura Johnson

Absolutely love the Fit for 2 postnatal classes!! It helped me to get back into exercise in the easiest way possible, with my son with me! There was no pressure to push myself or to do more than I could handle, and the variety of exercises each class made it fun to do! Anita is amazing and so helpful, and it was nice to be with a group of people who are all going through the same thing. I would highly recommend these classes!

Catherine Duffy (Woman's Health Physio)

As a pelvic floor & women’s health physio, I recommend to all my pregnant clients to maintain an exercise program focussing on core abdominal, pelvic floor muscle and general pelvic & low back strength. After observing Anita in action I can recommend her specialised classes and feel very reassured regarding her experience as a midwife – her knowledge of anatomy and pregnancy conditions such as pelvic girdle pain, abdominal muscle separation and pelvic floor dysfunction allow her to tailor the classes for individual clients. Her sessions have been of enormous benefit to a number of my patients throughout their pregnancy.

Lisa Duclos

I’ve been doing the mums and bubs classes since 7weeks postpartum. I felt Anita really supported me and was able to tailor my workout to accommodate the fact I had a C section. the fact that I can bring my kids to the classes makes life a whole lot easier! not to mention Anita is the baby whisperer and always manages to get the babies to sleep. 
highly recommend!!!

Devna Shah

I decided to join Anita’s classes when I was around 13 weeks pregnant. The classes are designed and focus around strengthening pelvic, abdominal and core muscles as well as overall stability and fitness. Anita’s experience and knowledge as a trainer as well as a midwife is amazing and her support during the pregnancy is an add on! 
Her SRC shorts suggestion has been very helpful too – I would have never purchased it directly if Anita wouldn’t have recommended.

My recovery post-delivery has been fantastic and I feel more strong and fit than ever – a reflection of all the training! I highly recommend the classes during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy.

Anita, thank you so much for motivating and supporting this difficult yet precious journey and making me fall in love with being fit!

Jess Anne

I joined Fit for 2 as a post natal client. I’ve loved the classes – they’ve helped me regain my fitness and strength and I’ve loved being able to exercise again after a difficult recovery. 
Anita is so lovely and super helpful. She’s added extra exercises and modified the program to suit my needs and it’s helped my recovery so much. 12 months on and I wouldn’t be where I am without her!

Rebecca Falcone

Thanks so much Anita for helping me in the last trimester of my pregnancy!! All the squats definitely came in handy ? as well as the last 7months postnatally! I would definitely recommend her to any mummas wanting to keep up their fitness and getting their bodies ready for birth as well as helping your body recover and strengthen after your baby is born.

Annika Finch

Exercise has always been a huge part of my life. After recovering from an injury and then having a baby I needed to start back in the correct environment for my needs.
I started back right after my 6 week check-up when my OB gave me the ok, and whilst I’m only 3 weeks in, I’m already feeling stronger. The classes are fully tailored to mums to be and post partum and I can not recommend it highly enough.

Bianca Elsayed

I can confidently recommend fit for 2 to any pregnant or postbirth Mumma! 
I’ve been attending Anita’s classes for the last 6 months after having my 3rd child and a 6cm abdominal separation I needed to repair. 
Anita has been nothing but supportive, encouraging, fun and most of all guiding me in the right direction to achieve my goal in fixing my separation along with feeling fit and healthier! 
Thank you so much!