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Alicia Johnson

Owner & Personal Trainer
Articles by Alicia Johnson


Feel Good Fitness exists to help mums find themselves again amidst the chaos of having babies and raising kids. We focus on helping you to create simple yet effective habits that when combined, could change your life!

Our mission is to help mums return to exercise safely and to help you understand and celebrate just how amazing your body is, no matter how much your post baby body may have changed. We focus on how exercise and healthy habits make you feel and the flow on effect that creates in other areas of your life.

Alicia and her team have created an incredibly supportive community of mums at all different ages and stages. We understand mums bodies and the demands that come with mum life. Our focus is on making sure you are taking care of yourself and exercising in a way that makes you feel empowered, in control and like yourself again!


Alicia began her career as a physical education teacher in Wanganui NZ. She moved to Melbourne in 2010 and a few years later became a personal trainer because she wanted to specialise more in fitness, nutrition and encouraging adults to lead a healthier life. She believes that parents are the most important role model for their kids and if we can get adults moving and showing their kids that exercise is just a part of life, more children will grow up with a love of being active.

Alicia worked at Jetts Fitness, a private studio and Snap Fitness, finally deciding that she really wanted to specialise in working with women. An unexpected pregnancy bought Alicia and her partner back to their home in Feilding. 

When baby Marlee was 4 months old, Alicia realised the exercise options for Mums in Feilding were limited and for many of them, the gyms just didn’t work. Feel Good Fitness was born and what started as a few exercise classes for local mums has grown into the towns specialised pre and postnatal fitness business.

Feel Good Fitness is now an incredible community of mums, sharing exercise, laughs, support and advice for one another. It is the place where mums come when they need post-natal fitness that will take care of their amazing bodies, helping them to return to exercise safely and at a pace that suits them. Alicia and her team are passionate about providing a space that encourages mums to grow in confidence, acceptance and love for their bodies.


  • Cert 3&4 Fitness (FIA Fitnation)
  • Safe Return to Exercise
  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise (ex pres)
  • Graduate Diploma Secondary Teaching (Physical education & health)
  • Exercising for Two (Lisa Westlake)
  • Punchfit Boxing Trainer


  Baby Friendly
  Women’s Health Physio Partners


  Resistance Training
  Core and Posture


Feel Good Fitness partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Locations & Times

New Zealand Manawatu Feilding

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Group Fitness
6:00 am
45 mins
Group Fitness
9:30 am
45 mins
Group Fitness
9:30 am
45 mins
6:00 am
45 mins
Core + PF
9:30 am
45 mins
Core + PF
6:00 am
45 mins
9:30 am
45 mins

8 Reviews

Lizzy Lumb

I love the way that FGF has just become part of my daily routine. I love that my son Landon is seeing exercise as a fun and happy thing to do in life, which is good for you and the way it makes you feel inside. He always has a happy mum after I’ve done my class because I’ve done something for myself.

I have lost weight and gained friends. Thanks for all the support in smashing my goals out of the park and hitting my targets and more. It keeps me motivated and overall it just makes me feel like the mum and wife I’m meant to be.

Rebecca Toulmin

I love that it’s become such a habit that if I don’t go even the kids notice and ask why? More often than not they ask to come. I like the friendships, comradery, the ability to choose to challenge myself or just make it through the session. Even after over 2.5yrs I don’t get bored and want to go. I like the support, the additional options like five/ten week challenges, the range of classes and the lack of judgment.

Nicola Young

I love that technique is priority and you’ll gently guide us if we need some adjustment and it helps instantly when you’re actually working the right muscles. Feel Good Fitness gave me my fitness confidence back after thinking it was lost forever post c sections. I love that it’s women-only and you go at your own pace. I’ve never been to a class where we haven’t laughed!!
It’s not just a fitness class, it’s a community where we feel safe to be the best versions of ourselves!!

Kelly Butler

Feel good Fitness has been amazing for me. I have been coming for two years and I feel stronger than I have in years. This is the first fitness group I have ever joined where I felt absolutely no judgment from the minute I walked in. Everyone who is there is to be the best they can be and we are all fully supported by Alicia to achieve this. I have made wonderful friends through FGF and I look forward to every class I go to.

Kelsey Thompson

Omg where do I start… and how do I word it? To put it bluntly, I was slightly crazy before I started FGF it gives me a purpose every day, something to get up for and look forward to. I’ve made awesome new friends with like-minded people. I’ve lost loads of weight already, which surprisingly enough is not even my focus anymore. I was seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist before, I see neither of them anymore and moving my body with exercise has replaced my medication. I love my body and my life and I truly deeply believe it’s all thanks to FGF.

Fritha Linklater

I love feel-good fitness because…

I have achieved a constant fitness level which I have never been able to do before.

I have created healthy habits, for not only me but my young family too.

I love that I feel stronger… but also that I miss exercise when I don’t get to do it.

Alicia is an amazing PT!! On so many levels… always gives us multi-levels for exercises and creative fun workouts where you can do what YOU can!! She always tells us “do YOUR best”.

Feel Good Fitness has been life-changing for me.

Megan Will

I love the support that you give us Alicia, in class and outside of it. You’re always a listening ear and have great advice for exercise. You’re very understanding of having kids whether that means we can’t make it ‘cos they’re sick or they are in the class with us, getting in our own way and helping add body weight to our workouts. Without your classes I know I wouldn’t be exercising so it’s motivation.

I LOVE seeing my kids running with me or doing squats or lunges. The example I hope I set that will last them forever, so that they continue to build exercise into their lives when they’re older. You never act like you know it all and you’re not pushy. There is no ‘one size fits all’ attitude.

You allow us to work at our own pace – some days we can go harder than others. I’ve learnt that things take time and to make small changes. I love that there is never any judgement from anyone. I have never felt inadequate , we all have different goals and abilities and that’s just fine.

Kayla Burnes

I love love love Feel Good Fitness, I leave my morning class feeling amazing! I love how it is the perfect balance of feeling encouraged and supported to go my hardest and push myself but also feeling the importance and support in regards to listening to my body and being kind to it too. There are different options of workouts or different pace for EVERY different exercise we do).

I leave FGF literally feeling SOO good!! I appreciate and love the GENUINE CARE Alicia and Tammie have for us all.

It is actually a release on so many levels, I think my man and kids could even comment here.I just feel positive, lifted, motivated, get more done, happier and fresher after FGF class.

And need to mention the awesome bunch of ladies I’ve met too!!