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Kate Hickey

Owner & Personal Trainer


At Empower360 Fitness we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, confident and empowered. To have an energy that just radiates from the inside out.

Our mission is help women feel more energized and vital every day.

We understand that women, as the primary caregivers often put everyone first and end up feeling exhausted and depleted. We help women restore that balance so they can be the best version of themselves and continue to serve and support those around them AND still have enough left to give back to themselves.

We know that exercise is just a small part of a much bigger puzzle and offer programs that support women’s physical, nutritional, mental and emotional needs so our ladies feel empowered to make transformational changes from the inside out.

We understand that a community and sense of belonging are vital components to success and have cultivated a tribe of beautifully supportive, like-minded women who will welcome you with open arms and celebrate your successes no matter what they are.


Kate has a deep love for supporting women to feel good about their bodies. She has always had a love of movement (and of life in general!) which led to a career in dance and then fitness.

After working with young dancers for many years she began to notice the unhealthy thoughts, emotions and behaviours these young ladies had around their bodies, particularly when it came to fitness and nutrition. This led to the creation of the Empower360 Teen Fitness Challenge; a holistic Fitness, Nutrition and Body Confidence program specifically for teenagers.

During her time as a specialist teen trainer, Kate saw how the parents, particularly mums, were giving so much of themselves to the people around them, often at the expense of their own health.

This inspired Kate to create the E360 Functional Fitness program. A holistic fitness, nutrition and mindset program for women that combines outdoor group fitness, virtual workouts and a fully integrated online membership platform. E360 gives women 24/7 access to a Nutritionist and Naturopath and a women’s Holistic Counsellor so they feel supported throughout every stage of their fitness journey.

Kate believes that by empowering mums to truly love their bodies and feel beautiful, confident and energized every day, we can support entire families in becoming healthier and happier.


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Empower 360 Fitness partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Locations & Times

Australia NSW Sydney Gladesville

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Virtual Bootcamp
6:15 am
45 mins
Outdoor Bootcamp
6:00 am
60 mins
Virtual Bootcamp
6:15 am
45 mins
Outdoor Bootcamp
6:00 am
60 mins
Mums and Babes
9:30 am
60 mins
9:30 am
60 mins

4 Reviews

Cathy Randazzo

I currently do Kate’s Bootcamp classes and I love every single one of them. They are always different, they are always challenging, they are always positive and motivational. I really believe she genuinely cares about her clients.

Sharon Davidson

Empower360 virtual boot camps…what a gloriously empowering way to start the day! During isolation I became iso-fat and was really concerned about how to get iso-fit!! Online boot camps with Kate was the fitness lifeline I needed. Being online really negated any excuses for time and travel as I could literally do them anywhere (and have!). Since starting I can see the change in shape in my body…dare I say toned! But the most empowering change is the strength I now feel in my body….legs, arms and shoulders as I now make it the whole way through a workout! I feel welcomed into a community that wants to support people manage change to becoming the best versions of themselves!!!

Penny Campbell

I love turning up no matter how tired I am and I just let (Kate) do all the motivational work for me. She is really good at her job. Definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to feel good about their fitness.

Chloe Fobi

With the E360 program I can now start the day knowing i’ll feel more positive and energized throughout the day. Plus, there’s so much variety in the routines which helps me stay on track.