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Kyliee Harper

Owner & Personal Trainer


At Cruz fitness our goal is to make all mums feel confident and happy regardless of age, size or race. For all woman to realise that the scale is mealy a number and not the gateway to happiness.

With so much focus on social media for mums to “get their bodies back” after having a baby, most mums feel pressure to look a certain way at their most vulnerable time.

Kyliee has made it her mission to change that outlook.

At Cruz Fitness Kyliee provides a safe and comfortable environment for all mums (old or new) to focus on the more important aspects of training like safety, correct technique and bringing awareness to our pelvic floor while protecting and working on abdominal separation. This includes working alongside a Women’s health physiotherapist to ensure you’re laying the correct foundations to get stronger from the inside out.
Cruz Fitness will set you up for long term success while celebrating the small wins along the way with a fantastic team of like minded and supportive mums all on their own journeys.

Mum life is hard enough, Cruz Fitness is all about building women up instead of tearing them down!


Kyliee’s journey started later in life after attending some cardio kickboxing classes eight years ago, when she fell in love with (not just the instructor, who she married years later) but the way it made her feel to get active and be around like minded people who she could just be herself with and not have to live up to expectations. She felt the need to have all woman experience such an empowerment after the body going through such an amazing transformation with pregnancy and child birth

In 2013 Kyliee completed her Cert lll in fitness and followed it up in 2014 with cert lV.

It was then over the following year while working alongside her husband (with baby no 4) that she realised there was a big gap in the care for woman returning to exercise after they have had a baby.

In 2016 Kyliee completed her 1st certification in Pre & postnatal exercise. Then opened Cruz Fitness which is a ladies only group fitness and personal training centre that caters for mums of all levels. She has never looked back!

Since 2016 Kyliee has added baby no 5 to her family and completed further certifications including the most recent “Safe Return to Exercise” to protect new mums on their journey into exercise after giving birth.

With 21 years experience as a mother, 7 pregnancies, 5 babies and 8 years in the fitness industry with the last 5 years specialising in women’s fitness, including pre & postnatal, she is bursting at the seams with an abundance of knowledge, life experience and support to help all mums on their own unique fitness journeys.


  • Cert lll Fitness
  • Cert lV Fitness
  • Exercise during Pregnancy & Postnatal
  • FIIT30 Womans HIIT
  • Safe Return to exercise
  • MetaFIT (HIIT)
  • MetaPWR
  • Senior 1st Aid


  Baby Friendly
  Child Friendly
  Women’s Health Physio Partners
  Group Exercise
  Small studio environment
  One on One Personal Training
  Small-Group Training (up to 4-people)
  Group Training (5+ people)
  Home visits
  Pregnancy Friendly
  Personal Trainer
  Small Group Training


  Resistance Training
  Core and Posture


Cruz Fitness partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Locations & Times

Australia NSW Kingswood

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Mummy Fitness
9:30 am
45 mins
9:30 am
30 mins
Mummy HIIT
10:15 am
30 mins
Strong Mums
9:30 am
45 mins
Mummy Fitness
5:30 pm
45 mins
9:30 am
30 mins
Mummy HIIT
10:15 am
30 mins
Mummy Fitness
9:30 am
30 mins
5:30 pm
45 mins
Strong Mums
8:00 am
45 mins

5 Reviews

Tanya Maton

I discovered Cruz fitness when my second child was 9 months old it was the best thing that happened to me. Amongst being a mum that’s all I was, I had lost myself along the way. After starting at Cruz I was able to find myself again, look after myself mentally and physically resulting in being a better mum, wife and friend. Since joining Cruz 5yrs ago I have added another baby into the mix and I was always assisted and guided to make a safe return to exercise after giving birth. Always with modifications and regressions to my exercises to assist me on strengthening my weak pelvic floor and abdominal separation. Highly recommend for any women, Cruz will give you a sense of community and your body will thank you for it!

Rose Zammit

I started at Cruz when I was 3mths Pregnant with bub no2 and with the help of Kyliee and the encouragement from the amazing members, I not only trained all the way up till the week before I gave birth, but I bounced back from the pregnancy in a way I never thought possible. Over the past 4 years Kyliee has seen all my ups and downs in my fitness journey and has never given up on me and never stopped supporting me to be the best I can be. If you’re after a supportive gym where you will feel like part of a family and be given all the required tools to be the fit healthy mummy you wish to be, then without a doubt Cruz Fitness is the gym for you!

Linzi Ibrahim

After having two kids, I was feeling really sluggish and unmotivated. I weighed myself and I was the heaviest I had ever been. I didn’t hate myself but I knew things had to change for my kids so I could be the best mum for them. I found Kyliee and her positive attitude and kind heart has helped me through a lot. She pushes and motivates me while also taking care that I don’t hurt myself. I am so much more energetic now, I have a lot more fun with the kids! I’ve realised that prioritising time for fitness is essential for my overall health. I look forward to training every week!

Lynn Gagan

I joined Cruz just under 5 years ago with what started as my weightloss story but inbetween I was blessed with falling pregnant with my second baby. Kyliee was beside me every step of the way during my pregnancy. She guided me safely during every stage by modifying exercises while making sure I was able to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle throughout.

Post baby Kyliee again worked closely with me ensuring I returned to normal exercises safely and efficiently for my body while it was recovering.
I’m thankful to have had kyliee as my trainer throughout as she always ensured mine and bubs safety.

Kyliee used her incredible knowledge to effectively help me reach my health and fitness goals during and post pregnancy; I couldn’t recommend Kyliee from Cruz Fitness highly enough. Truly thankful and grateful beyond words.


I started seeing Kyliee when my baby was 10weeks old. I’d had the all clear to start exercising and really wanted to be able to workout with my baby close by. Cruz fitness was everything I needed! Kyliee was so welcoming and friendly and I instantly felt comfortable. Kyliee identified that I had a large abdominal separation, I continued to see Kyliee along with a Physio. She adapted all exercises in class for me to ensure I was safe & so I still got an awesome workout. Her knowledge, passion for fitness & her kindness really helped me get my confidence back in the gym & exercising.