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Jacqui Ambrus-Bonazzi

Personal Trainer
Articles by Jacqui Ambrus-Bonazzi


After being in the fitness industry for over 10 years, Jacqui has seen and heard a lot. One thing she really wants to move mums away from is the “I’ve got to get my pre baby body back” and throwing themselves back into crazy exercise and causing serious damage.

She believes and strongly encourages that every women who comes and trains with her has seen a women’s health physio prior to returning to exercise to get a clear picture of how their pelvic floor is functioning. After this, she is then able to provide exercises that are appropriate for their stage and ability.

She has created an environment where mums there partners and children can come and feel comfortable and not judged. It’s like a mother’s group without the cake.


After working as a Project Coordinator for years and feeling unfulfilled in her role and having a strong passion for exercise and helping people, Jacqui enrolled in Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness at Australian Institute of Fitness and never looked back.

When she finished her training course back in 2009, she went and worked for a local gym. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and she went back to working as a project coordinator. During this time, she had many people who contacted her asking her if they would train them. A year later she started up a mobile PT business called PT2U.

It was during this time that many of her female clients were talking about wanting to have babies. She researched into it and completed a pre and postnatal training course. She realised that at this time, there really wasn’t anything around in Canberra that was aerobic, specific to mums and lead by a qualified trainer. This is where her passion for helping women during one of their most exciting times in their life came about.


  • Cert 3 and 4 in fitness
  • Group fitness instructor
  • Older adult fitness
  • Rehab trainer
  • Rehab master trainer
  • Safe return to exercise accredited trainer,
  • hump boxing level 1 and advanced instructor,
  • Studio pilates mat work
  • Studio pilates ball, circle and band


  Baby Friendly
  Women’s Health Physio Partners
  Small studio environment
  One on One Personal Training
  Small-Group Training (up to 4-people)
  Group Training (5+ people)
  Pregnancy Friendly


  Resistance Training


Canberra Fitness Centre partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

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Sweat Sesh
10:00 am
50 mins
10:00 am
50 mins
Leave it at the Door
6:30 pm
60 mins
Cardio Barre
7:30 pm
45 mins
10:00 am
50 mins
Booty Barre
10:00 am
50 mins
Power Hour
6:30 pm
60 mins
Bump it Up
7:30 pm
60 mins
10:00 am
50 mins
Bump it Up
9:00 am
60 mins

7 Reviews

Lara Ellul

I found Canberra Fitness Centre when I was 18 weeks pregnant after being diagnosed her placenta previa. At the time, I was told to only practice safe exercise. I felt completely lost because I thought I couldn’t stay fit during pregnancy and I also didn’t know what would be safe. My doctor recommended Jacqui’s class. It was the best decision I made contacting her that day to start. I’ve since been a member of Canberra Fitness Centre and have now participated in a wide range of classes.

I am currently 9 months post partum and have been fully supported from my pregnancy, a c section and my return to functional exercise or what that looks like for me at the current time. It’s an inclusive, amazing environment one that’s hard to come by! Trainers have all be knowledgeable and have all shown me correct techniques when I suffered through a lot of pregnancy issues and now after with some issues caused by pregnancy. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Amanda Mobbs

I have been part of the Canberra Fitness Centre community for nearly 6 years. In that time the skilful staff have guided me through 2 pregnancies, enabling me to safely exercise during my pregnancies and then returning to exercise post.

Their approach is individually tailored and will always provide modifications.Working out is made easy with mums and bubs classes available. You are encouraged to bring your babies to class and there is a play area available for when your babies are on the move! I love the community feel of the Canberra Fitness Centre and 100% recommend them!

Cassie Johnson

Jacqui and her team at CFC are incredible. They have created a fun, judgement-free and safe place to exercise for everyone – they really know their stuff. I came to CFC 3 years after having my 2nd baby and having done very little exercise (apart from chasing 2 boys), they helped me understand what my body went through with pregnancy/child birth and modified exercises to strengthen the muscles without causing injury, while simultaneously pushing me to step outside my comfort zone. Working out has now become something that I look forward to instead of being a chore since joining CFC.

Natalie Bracey

Canberra fitness centre is an amazing place, the care and extra attention they take with their clients is second to none. There is always a modification to any exercise no matter your level of fitness. The staff are wonderful and great to work with and couldn’t recommend the centre more highly, it’s an inclusive and fun place to be.

Nic Williams

Before finding Jacqui’s gym I’d been to three others in Canberra – each with their own style and flavour. Jacqui’s is undoubtedly the keeper. She has built a gym and training style that is open and inclusive, tailors workouts to injuries, and provides the right level of motivation, incentives, and brutality to inspire each member to be their best.

She has a loyal membership, has great trainers and of the classes that I have attended of hers – she nearly instantly builds rapport, combined with banter. She’s a great person, a brilliant trainer, and has a wonderful community built around health (both physical and mental), fitness, and wellbeing. Thank you for giving me a safe space to workout in, and people in which I can share my journey to my goals!

Suz Davies

Jacqui and her team have guided me through two difficult pregnancies and beyond. In the fogginess and challenges of the first year of a baby the gym provided me with the endorphins and mental space to get through each week.

I am stronger now than before kids and following their advice have been able to safely return to running at the right time. Always encouraging. Always challenging and always a whole lot of fun.

Holly Wallis

I started training at Canberra Fitness Centre when I was 4 months postpartum and feeling as though I was never going to regain my pre-pregnancy fitness. At the time, I could barely do 10 consecutive push ups. As someone who had always enjoyed high intensity exercise, this was a real hit to my self esteem.

My solution to this was to push myself and try to do the things that I used to be able to. This left me feeling frustrated and like a failure.

Jacqui taught me to slow down and listen to my body. She took a gentle approach to my training to help me gradually improve my mobility and had an endless amount of alternative movements to help me work with my limitations rather than against them. She knew when to push me and more importantly, knew when to tell me to back it off so I didn’t injure myself.

Through her coaching, I was able to accept that bouncing back from pregnancy isn’t realistic. Instead, I bounced forward and I am stronger and fitter than I ever thought I would be 13 months after bringing another human into the world!