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Carly Steggles

Owner & Personal Trainer
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To keep Mums sane! Carly believes exercise should be about feeling good, more energised and ready for the day ahead. Her groups are definitely not about weight loss or getting back into your pre-baby jeans – she prefers to focus on all the other health and well-being benefits group exercise brings to that tough first year of Motherhood.

As a new Mum herself, Carly understands how important it is to get out of the house, move and connect with other Mums to feel better after a crummy night’s sleep and more ready for the day of Motherhood ahead. She wanted to make it as easy as possible for new Mums to safely exercise and therefore created a welcoming, affordable and flexible exercise option for Mums and their new babies at Buggy Bootcamp.

Carly is also passionate about spreading the ‘pelvic floor safe’ message and believes that everyone CAN get back to the high intensity exercise that they may love – but that it may take time to re-build strength from the inside-out. She also encourages all Mums to see a Women’s Health physio after giving birth, even if it ‘feels fine’ – she believes it is better to be safe than sorry and a check will mean you can exercise with the peace of mind that you are not causing any damage for yourself further down the track.


After emigrating to Australia from England and traveling for almost 2 years, Carly decided that she didn’t want to return to the Corporate world and instead followed her life-long passion in fitness. Carly began her first fitness business OzSquad, in 2012 and shortly after launched Buggy Bootcamp, an outdoor group exercise business for new Mums.

Carly is an organizer at heart so loves encouraging the social side of her groups through meetups, extra activities and entering sporting events. She is also passionate about helping Mums return safely to exercise after giving birth whilst hooking them up with their new Mum friends.

As a Mum of two little ones herself, when she isn’t instructing Carly regularly joins in the Buggy Bootcamp sessions and has definitely experienced the benefits first hand. “During that first tough year of Motherhood, it’s great knowing that there is somewhere I can be with other like-minded Mums every day – and it felt so good to move and exercise again!”


  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Safe Return to Exercise accredited
  • FIA Pre and Post Natal Fitness
  • Ab Rehab and Positive Pelvic Floor Practice Accredited
  • Post Natal Restore Your Core Accredited
  • Burrell Education Modern Post Natal Assessment Exercise Prescription Graduate
  • Older Adult Fitness
  • Paceline Accredited Running Coach
  • Certified Punchfit Trainer
  • Senior First Aid
  • BA Honours Architecture Degree
  • Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA)


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  Resistance Training
  Core and Posture


Buggy Bootcamp partners with the following Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

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9 Reviews


I can honestly say buggy bootcamp made my maternity leave the most enjoyable experience, surrounding myself with the best group of girls in the most beautiful setting. I joined bb not knowing what a burpee was to running a half marathon and without the guidance from Carly and Lynsay none of this would have happened. It is truly a must for any girls wanting to get fit and socialise with mums going through the same sleep deprived things you are, I loved every minute ?


Amongst all the chaos and the unknown, especially in the early days of motherhood, Buggy Bootcamp kept me sane! I was welcomed into a supportive, caring and like minded community that gave me the best start to the day and a reason to get out of the house. I cannot recommend Buggy Bootcamp highly enough ❤


In the two and a half months since starting Buggy Bootcamp, (baby now 6 months) and I am so happy with the fitness and strength I have regained having been left quite weak after pregnancy. The Monday night (no kids) yoga session is the highlight of my week. This hour each week is my time to decompress, uncrumple, reflect, relax and remember that there is a ‘me’ included in being a Mum.


Love Buggy Bootcamp! After a tiring evening/night looking after bub a morning of exercise is exactly what’s needed to start the day in a positive way! Buggy Bootcamp trainers Lynsay and Carly create fun and varied workouts and with views over Manly beach each session gets those natural endorphins going. Returning safely to exercise is emphasized with a physio check up recommended before starting and the trainers are great at modifying to suit everyone’s requirements. Recommended to all mums out there looking for a social and friendly way to keep fit!!


Buggy bootcamp was exactly what I needed in my life to get back into shape after having my Bub! It is really awesome training with likeminded mums and the trainers really care about you and your body (post birth). It’s a great way to get fit, be outdoors on beautiful manly beach, meet other local mums and all with your Bub in tow.


I am sitting on the beach, coffee in hand and feeling absolutely fabulous thanks to another amazing workout this morning! Carly Steggles you honestly have changed my life. I have so much more energy since starting your bootcamp and feel even more amazing than I did pre-baby. It honestly is the best way to start my day… I can’t recommend your bootcamp or you enough!


Love buggy Bootcamp ! It’s become a highlight to my mornings. With a view of manly beach and releasing some natural endorphins through exercise it’s just amazing ! And the free coffees once a month just outstanding ! I leave feeling so good and ready to tackle the day ahead . The trainers are so professional , friendly and just lovely . They make you feel welcome every session . They look after your pelvic floor and asses your form every session . They have so much experience in the industry . I truly can’t recommend them and this business more it’s just fantastic ! X


Buggy Bootcamp was the best decision to get my fitness back after having my daughter – Exercising outdoors, by the beach, is a great incentive to get up and out for the day. I love the variety of exercises set in each training session, meaning you never get bored doing the same thing. Carly and Lynsay are so lovely and fun and they definitely know how to safely push you to get the most out of your training! It’s a great way to get bub outdoors to play while you train, meet other lovely mums and enjoy a social coffee each month!! I highly recommend Buggy Bootcamp!!!


Buggy Bootcamp is a fabulous way to get back into exercise post birth. Carly and Lynsay are awesome at easing you into it, modifying exercises to suit, and then encouraging you to improve and regain your fitness at your own pace. It’s great to be able to take Bub along too. The trainers are very helpful at rocking prams to help settle! This is the perfect way to get back into exercise whilst adjusting to life as a new mum. Everyone is very supportive and I highly recommend.