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Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

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Offers Virtual Training
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Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

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Shape Up Mums

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Vicky wants to ensure that every Mum who attends her sessions has seen a Womens Health Physio, to get an accurate picture of how their pelvic floor is functioning, so she can assist in helping to re-build their body from the inside out, after childbirth.

Shape Up Mums aim to provide a fun, safe environment for Mums and bubs of all fitness levels, with no judgment, creating social connections important for mental health and bringing like-minded Mums together in the local area.


Shape Up Mums aim to provide a fun, safe environment for Mums and bubs of all fitness levels, with no judgement, creating social connections important for mental health and bringing like-minded Mums together in the local area.

Returning to exercise after having her own children, the Shape Up Mum’s philosophy appealed to Vicky as she could attend sessions which were safe after childbirth, social and non-judgmental, but also allowed her to bring her children along to the session.

Growing up in chilly England, Vicky loves exercising outdoors and often joins in with the Shape Up Mums group exercise sessions, when she isn’t instructing them.

Vicky has 2 beautiful children and understands firsthand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep up with energetic kids.

Vicky is committed to professional development and regularly updates her knowledge and skills, especially in the post-natal space. Having completed her Matwork Pilates Instructor course she has learnt even more the importance of developing and maintaining a strong pelvic floor and core. She aims to end most sessions with some of this Pilates knowledge.
After 5 years as a trainer for Shape Up Mum’s, Vicky bought the business in 2017 and is now the proud owner. She has been a passionate, enthusiastic instructor for SUM, helping hundreds of women develop their pelvic floor and core control post birth and now endeavors to pass this knowledge on to her trainers.


Safe Return to Exercise – Jen Dugard
Modern Pregnancy Exercise Course – Burrell Education
Modern Post Natal Assessment and Exercise – Burrell Education
Certified Punchfit Trainer
Positive Practice for the Pelvic Floor
Proactive Programming for the Pelvic Floor
Studio Pilates Matwork Instructor
First Aid Level 2 and CPR
Current Working with Children check
Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness


9 Reviews

Fei Gao
I’ve been doing Pilates with Vicky for over a year now and am loving it. It’s perfect for mums and mums-to-be as it takes into account the special conditions common to mums.

You can pick your own difficulty levels with each pose and there is always something new each week. Highly recommending!

Esther Birrell
I started with shape up Mums when my daughter was four months old and have been training with them for over a year.

I look forward to the sessions and love the trainers! It is so nice to be out in the fresh air with other Mums and wonderful that my 1 year old gets to socialise with children of all ages! The trainers tailor the program to stages of pregnancy, post baby and fitness level. I have always felt challenged in each session but not to the point of not looking forward to the next one. I have lost nearly 20 kilos of baby weight with the help of these lovely ladies… could not recommend more highly!

Penny Boyles
I have been attending Monday night Pilates for a while now and it is great. Vicky keeps the classes interesting with a different combination of exercises each week that are also safe for women post birth.

I always intended to go back to Pilates after the birth of my son but have never been able to find a class which is at a convenient time and enjoyable too.

Now I have! And it’s also a great way to meet local Mums. This Pilates class is highly recommended.

Lydia Reddecliffe
I started going to sessions when my baby was 6 weeks old and have only just stopped at 9 months as we moved to Adelaide.

It became part of my daily routine and I loved it! It helped me get out of the house, meet other mums and get fit! I got amazing results and got back to my pre baby weight and am feeling stronger than I ever was. The trainers are amazing and tailor to individual needs.

They also help out with the babies where they can. Some sessions my baby was great and would sleep in the pram or play on a rug, others I would end up feeding and struggling to settle her but it didn’t matter as the trainers are all mums and completely get it. I would highly recommend Shape Up Mums and am so grateful I found it as it helped me to feel myself again and enjoy my mat leave ?

Kerry Campbell
After carrying and birthing 3 children my body had seen better days. Finding that I had muscle separation and knowing that my pelvic floor needed serious help I sought the advice of Vicky and Shape Up Mums.

Vicky’s knowledge and guidance with the correct exercises and attention on re-building my fitness and strengthening the muscles used in childbirth was crucial to my recovery.

Prior to finding Vicky the group classes at gym had me attempting things that my body was just not ready for, and my pelvic floor knew it! I would highly recommend Vicky and Shape Up Mums to any lady wanting the correct guidance for your body.

Karni Nguyen
I’m a mum of two, 2.5yo and 9mo. I started personal training with Vicky when my youngest was 7mo.

I was unfit, overweight and lacked the confidence to workout in a gym. Vicky was incredibly gentle, encouraging and supportive with my training regime. I never felt inadequate (even though I was clearly very unfit!). My youngest still wakes up every 2-3 hours overnight and I’ve consistently attended 1-2 sessions per week for several months – I attribute this to Vicky’s flexibility.

There have been days when things aren’t going well with the kids, and I texted her half an hour before session to let her know I’m running late, need to cancel or change training location. She’s so accommodating! I had two sick kids at home today and instead of cancelling she came to train me at my house. I unreservedly recommend Vicky and her business. They make it a little bit easier to put ourselves first 🙂

Bianca Johnson
I’ve been training with Shape Up Mums for 4 years when my oldest was 6 weeks old.

It was brilliant at getting me back into shape and out of the house to do something for myself. Each session is varied and adaptable for your fitness level. I have been early postpartum, pregnant and fairly fit and it has worked for me.

My now 4 year old loves playing in the park with his friends and I have a 3 month old who sleeps at the sessions. All the trainers are great and are all passionate about training Mums of all levels. I highly recommend Shape Up Mums to anyone looking to get fit, find sanity and make new friends.

Aimee Macfarlane
I have a toddler and 6 month old and wanted to find a way to exercise that was flexible, child-friendly and that kept me motivated by helping me achieve my goals of losing some weights and toning up.

Shape up Mums has been the perfect fit for me. Vicky and Min are both fantastic personal trainers who keep my exercises varied and interesting and I have already seen some great results after 2 months. I also have plantar fasciitis in one foot and often a sore shoulder from carrying my kids and Shape up Mums are able to adapt the exercises as necessary.

I have been doing the personal 1:1 training twice a week and Vicky and Min come to my home to train me which has been amazing because after my first baby I often ended up skipping exercise some weeks as it would clash with my sons naps or he’d be cranky etc. Training at home is great as it doesn’t matter if my 2 boys are napping or awake and playing, I won’t miss my training session with Vicky and Min coming to my place. Highly recommend Shape Up Mums!

Nadia Hamilton
Vicky and her wonderful team at Shape Up Mums helped me get my fitness back after having my third child.

Workouts are suited to our individual needs and I was able to start gently a few weeks post birth and increase to more intense strength, cardio, boxing and Pilates as I became fitter. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids are all welcome to come along and my kids have made friends and have a great time playing while the mums work out.

I love that the sessions are held outdoors, getting out in the sunshine all year round is a great stress-buster and we have undercover options if it’s raining. I’d highly recommend Shape Up Mums for anyone wanting to exercise/socialise/get the kids out of the house.



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