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Taminda, New South Wales, Australia

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Pink Battalion Fitness

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Our mission at Pink Battalion Fitness is to provide women of all ages, fitness levels, life stages and abilities, to build both physical and mental strength within a supportive, nonjudgmental, all female environment.


Sami’s health and fitness journey began after the birth of her only child Parker, in 2006. Before this she struggled with her weight, her body image and with living a healthy lifestyle. The birth of her child was the impetus for change. Not wanting to pass her bad lifestyle habits and negative thought processes down to her daughter she embarked on a quest to ‘get her shit together’.

This involved tackling many different areas of her life, but the discovery of weight training elicited the biggest change both physically and mentally. This gave Sami the drive to study, become a personal trainer and in 2011, ‘Pink Battalion Fitness’ was born.

The aim of PBFHQ is to provide women of all ages and stages of life a space to train safely, under the guidance of a qualified trainer, in a judgement-free zone.

Pink Battalion Fitness began as a one-woman operation and now has four qualified female trainers running a variety of classes for women of all ages and abilities from their well-equipped, airconditioned gym in Tamworth, NSW. Fun fact – each trainer who works at Pink Battalion is an ex-client of Sami’s.

Sami is also a Precision Nutrition Coach (PN1) and is passionate about eating real, healthy food. She loves to cook, regularly creating recipes for her clients and enjoys helping guide them toward better food and lifestyle choices.

Sami is an advocate for positive body image, female empowerment, GRL PWR, dropping a well-placed ‘F-bomb’ and encouraging women to be kinder to themselves and others.


Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness
SRE Accreditation
BBB Affiliated
Precision Nutrition level 1 Nutrition Coach
Member of Fitness Australia


4 Reviews

Katelyn Wall
I have been training at Pink Battalion Fitness with Sami for over 2 years.I started training initially at Pink Battalion in their Muscle Academy classes to improve my health, fitness and to lose weight as I had been told by my obstetrician that my weight was a contributing factor to not falling pregnant.

Sami suggested to get in contact with a registered dietician and together they offered a holistic approach to my wellness and toward my goal to have a baby.

Once I fell pregnant, we started one on one PT sessions that were safe and tailored to the various stages of my pregnancy.

After I had my healthy baby Lulu, I returned to the ‘Body Love and Bub’ class, specifically catering for postnatal women after receiving full medical clearance.

I can confidently say that these classes have saved my mental health! I was able to return to the gym safely and bring my baby girl with me. I am now smashing my personal wellness goals, and feeling the best I have ever felt!

Sami encourages holistic wellness – not just exercise but a combination of exercise, diet, lifestyle and headspace. She regularly shares delicious meal ideas and recipes to try. I look forward to my gym sessions each week and I always leave the gym in a positive headspace. Sami has worked hard to provide a space where women of all abilities and ages can come and work out in a safe, non-judgmental and encouraging space.

Millicent Noon
I have had the pleasure of training with Sami Rigby of Pink Battalion Fitness over the past 4 years in both group sessions (Muscle Academy) and one-on-one personal training sessions.

Sami is an absolute powerhouse of knowledge in nutrition, post-natal, strength and conditioning.

She is a consummate professional who tailors sessions and exercises to her individual clients’ needs but also ensures that she provides individuals with a safe and supportive environment. Sami always takes the time to learn about each of her clients’ and the goals that they wish to achieve and works around specific injuries.

Her dedication and passion to help women reach their goals is not only inspiring but captivating and motivating. I thoroughly enjoy training with Sami as she is a VERY down-to-earth person and so easy to get along with.

During my time training with Sami over the past few years I have managed to not only reach my goal weight, but I’ve also become a lot stronger and have grown as a person.
Sami continuously encourages and motivates me to keep pushing during my training sessions (as I do train hard and heavy), along with advising me to rest, recover and eat right.

She is truly a gifted trainer and an amazing person; I would happily and highly recommend her to anyone!

Lauren Sullivan
I have been training with Sami for over 4 years. In this time Sami has supported me through many IVF rounds, my pregnancy and post-partum. She knows my strengths, weaknesses and limitations and therefore is able to provide unique training catered for my needs.

The results I have achieved with Sami are incredible, even down to training specific muscles of my back to support my breastfeeding journey.

She isn’t your average personal trainer who takes your money and says ‘see you next week’, she has ALWAYS checked in on me post training and genuinely cares how I am feeling.

One of Sami’s greatest attributes as a PT is her focus on technique. She demonstrates very clearly what to, and not to do (hence the awesome results!).

Training with Sami has completely transformed my relationship with exercise, and I will be forever grateful for this! She is, without a doubt, the most passionate, committed, caring PT that practices what she preaches!

Susie Slack-Smith
Gaining back my strength and energy post-partum was of upmost importance to me after the birth of my daughter Harper. Sami has provided me a safe, and customized program that keeps me motivated in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Not just focused on exercise, Sami from Pink Battalion Fitness also provides a holistic approach taking into consideration mind, body and spirit an approach that considers the demands, feelings and thoughts of a new mother combined with a fun workout.

I am confidently on my way to achieving my health and fitness goals and would recommend any mum of any fitness level; beginner or advanced to join Pink Battalion Fitness.

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