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Melissa Neilsen



Melissa believes that every woman, no matter their geographical location should have access to a Mumsafe Trainer.

Melissa lives in outback NW Queensland on a remote cattle station and knows first hand just how hard it is to access support when it comes to returning safely to exercise after having a baby. It is Melissa's mission to ensure all women, in regional and remote areas are educated and cared for when it comes to exercise post-partum. Melissa provides personal training online so that access is available to all women, no matter where they live.


Melissa became a Personal Trainer in 2017 after discovering a passion for fitness and health.

Melissa has since created a successful online fitness business where she coaches women from all parts of Australia via an online platform. Melissa has been training women online for 4 years now and is particularly passionate about educating her clients on the importance of having a Mumsafe Trainer post partum so you can return to exercise safely and have a fully functional body.


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Industry Registration

6 Reviews

Mel's workouts are great for every level of fitness!

She’s very motivating and I enjoy each workout she has planned! Thanks so much Mel, can’t wait for the next round!!

Mel is so inspirational!

She is great with every morning workout. She is the best

Melissa knows hers stuff, workouts are casual with kids floating around in the background (which makes her relatable).

Her workouts are varied each day, week and month so don't get boring. I love that she constantly reminds us beginners to "activate your core" and "squeeze your shoulder blades together", or "check your form".

Melissa Neilsen our PT is absolutely fantastic at what she does with these groups each and every morning.

Register, you wont regret it. Movement each day is key. Keep up the great work magnificent Mel.

Mel is the most beautiful soul to work with!!

Having suffered scoliosis since I was 13 and having 9’ Harrington rods to correct a 90 degree curve and now nerve tumours in the last 4 plus years. Mel has shown me how to get my core strong and explained it so I can completely understand.
I wake up every morning to Mel guiding me through strength and cardio sessions. She checks on me if I don’t show up.
All it takes is 30 mins out of my day. Which to me and my physical health is sooo important!!

PT sessions with Mel are so so good

Mel explains everything in detail and if there's an exercise you can't do she gives alternatives.
As crazy as it may sound, sessions with Mel are always fun, every day is something different eg HIIT, weights, cardio, conditioning etc
Cannot recommend Mel and her program highly enough, you won't regret signing up



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