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Offers Virtual Training
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Class Details
9:30 am
45 mins

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Southport, Queensland, Australia

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Limitless Mummas

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My mission is to help as many mums as I can to return to exercise safely or gain strength before getting pregnant, without hesitating their looks or abilities.

As a mum, it is easy to sacrifice our time and energy for our children, but as we all know, you can't serve from an empty cup. That is why I believe it is important to raise awareness in mums that their health and fitness is as important as the rest of the family, not less. A strong and fit mum will raise a strong and healthy family.

Your health is your wealth, invest in you!


Sahar has always been active since she was 15 years old and believes in training for health and well-being. She started her career as a personal trainer officially since 2018 and began to follow her passion to help mums straight away.

Sahar is driven by the incredible sense of fulfillment she feels when she helps someone achieve their goals. She believes that anyone can positively change themselves and their bodies, if they start to believe in themselves. Her passion is to help women gain their confidence back and is committed to giving you the best tools, guidance and ongoing support to ensure you achieve your health & fitness goals.


Fitness Qualifications
Safe Return to Exercise Certificate
III & IV in Fitness Certificate
First Aid Qualifications

10 Reviews

Fariba M.
I am such a different person now in my third trimester.

I can’t help but beam every time I think about my fitness journey with Sahar. I met her after a very tumultuous first trimester; dealing with a lot of morning sickness, and feeling very weak and unmotivated after weeks of being bedridden. Her kind, empathetic, yet determined nature instilled hope in me at first; and with time, to feel bold and empowered, as I grew stronger and stronger. She is super flexible too in the equipment that is required for getting and staying fit – I never knew I could get so pumped and feel that “burn” while using simply a yoga mat, and common furniture around my home. I am such a different person now in my third trimester, and after months of working with Sahar. I feel healthy, I love the way that I look, and have so much more strength and energy now throughout my day! I would highly recommend Sahar, and see myself working with her through my post-natal journey too so that I am best prepared.

Sharyn B
My core and body strength has improved and I feel much stronger as a whole.

I'm really happy with my results after participating only 10 weeks in the Limitless Mummas group classes! My core and body strength have improved and I feel much stronger as a whole.
The workouts really focus on core and strength, but still burn fat. I was attending bootcamp previously which left me exhausted, but I didn't feel my strength was actually improving, nor was my core.
Sahar provides personal, hands-on help to activate and engage core muscles which helped me undoubtedly.
Thank you Sahar and see you next term!

Laura W.
Sahar knows her stuff about safe return to exercise after having a baby.

I started group training with Sahar when I was 6 months postpartum. I wanted to get back into fitness again but wanted to do it safely as I knew that going back into the wrong type/form of exercise would do more damage than good. I have been going now for the last two months to train with Sahar. She knows her stuff about a safe return to exercise after having a baby! I started off nice and slow and she has now built me up to doing more intense exercises but still pelvic floor safe 🙂
Am able to bring baby along with me and it’s great that if baby needs tending to, Sahar will help out but also still manage to run a great class at the same time!
Would 💯% recommend going along for a trial/singing up 🙂

Tracey M.
It has been great losing weight and toning up fast.

I have been training twice a week with Limitless Mummas for over 5 months now. It has been great losing weight and toning up fast. It is great to get into shape while protecting and strengthen my pelvic floor post baby. Sahar is great with kids/babies, it is great being able to bring them along. I highly recommend her.

Over our first six weeks Sahar has developed focused activities that have built my core strength and muscles which has already helped me improve my posture and strength.

She sets challenging goals, a broad range of activities to keep things interesting, and provides great support and encouragement.

Surprisingly and for the first time in my life, I am enjoying going to the gym.

I have been training With Sahar for over 8 months (2 times a week) and have had some great results.

My fitness levels and strength has improved a lot and I’ve dropped two dress sizes. Each session is always a new workout, challenging and non-repetitive.

Sahar is very motivating and friendly. I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle or fitness levels.

Nicole Proctor
I have been training with Sahar for the past 14 months. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness & wellness I now have if not for her personal attention given in my training sessions.

Sahar is always very encouraging and motivating and has a vast knowledge of fitness & nutrition. I highly recommend Sahar as a personal trainer.

Jenn S
For the past six months I have been training with Sahar.

Sahar understands the science behind fitness and works on unique and tailored fitness programs that strengthen the body, core and pelvic floor muscles. She listens to my specific needs and requirements and has developed a program that can be used on my own or during her one-on-one personal training sessions.

Although I have always had a healthy diet and lifestyle, incorporating Sahar’s training into my routine has made a significant impact on my body and I feel better, both mentally and physically.

I would recommend Sahar to anyone who wants a personal service that meets your individual needs.”

Supreet K
I have trained with Sahar in Fitness first for many week before Covid hit us and all of us were forced to work from home.

After that also, we did outdoor session which was pull back to fitness journey after months of sedentary lifestyle.

She is an amazing health and well being coach. While I was training with her she not only focused on my weight loss journey, but also made me understand how important it is for women to be strong. In addition to this, she made me feel confident in whatever exercises I was doing with her. She is encouraging, motivating and very thorough with her explanations and visuals to demonstrate proper technique and form to ensure you are safely and effectively achieving your fitness goals.

I am a happy client who has learnt lot about strength training from Sahar and wish to do training sessions again with her in future.

Juliet K.
A great fitness and well-being coach

Sahar was my PT for 4 months. I wanted a PT so I could look good in a wedding dress but also to get fit, tone up and stay healthy. In the first session she made sure to capture the goals I wanted to achieve and readjusted programs throughout our time together to make sure I was constantly challenged. By the end of each session, I always felt like I had accomplished something and was a step closer to my goals. She also made sure that I was training within my limits by asking for feedback on how I was feeling and how the exercises were for me during and after each session.
I also really appreciated the time Sahar took to ensure I was performing my exercises correctly so I wouldn’t hurt myself. She recognized my progress when I hadn’t recognized it in myself and kept me positive, encouraged and accountable.
On top of being a great fitness coach, she’s also been a great mental well-being coach and an overall lovely human being. Even after she was no longer my PT, she still made the time to reach out to me and check in on how I was doing, how wedding planning was going, to make sure I was eating healthy and that I was still on track for my wedding fitness goals!
It really meant so much to me and proves how she goes above and beyond to help people meet their resolutions! Needless to say, with her exercise plans and healthy eating, I managed to lose almost 10 kgs over 12 months and felt stronger and fitter than I’ve felt in the last 10 years.
Thank you, Sahar!



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