SRE for New Mums

Safe Return to Exercise® for New Mums

SRE for New Mums

Safe Return to Exercise® for New Mums

Join our FREE exercise program to help you bridge the gap between your 6 week checkup and returning to exercise.

Keep reading if:
  • You've received no or limited exercises guidance from your GP / Obstetrician / Midwife after having your baby
  • Know that your body is different but don’t know why or what to do next
  • Have ever experienced symptoms of a weak pelvic floor weekend i.e. leaking, dragging, heaviness (or anything new!)
  • Have heard of abdominal separation but don’t know if you have it, how to check or what to do about it
  • You don’t know what exercises you should or shouldn’t be doing after having your baby
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Did you know?

MumSafe Trainers are Safe Return to Exercise Accredited, committed to their ongoing education AND partnered with a Women’s Health Physiotherapists. Which means they’re highly invested in pre and post natal training, ensuring safe and effective exercise for all mums.

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Safe Return to Exercise® for New Mums
Your FREE 5 Step Program to help new mums bridge the gap between their 6 week check-up and returning to exercise.
Step 1
Understand your birth experience

A step often forgotten in your postnatal recovery journey but one we know is hugely important both physically and emotionally.

You might have left the hospital after having your baby not quite knowing what happened or why it happened in the way it did. This can take a physical and emotional toll especially if we are left in a state of ‘not-knowing’. We help you to understand your birth experience with guidance from our resident obstetrician, Dr Drew Moffrey.

Step 2
Become aware of your emotional wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing and mental health as a new mum plays a huge part in our postnatal recovery and is just as important as your physical wellbeing.

Adjusting to being a new mum brings lots of learning and change and there are many moments that you can feel overwhelmed. We help you to understand your emotional wellbeing with guidance from Dr Nicole Highet and to help you to understand that you absolutely don’t have to go it alone.

Step 3
Understanding your Physical Body

One of the main misconceptions after you have had your baby is that when you have had your 6-week check up and if you ‘feel’ okay you can return to whatever exercise you like.

What we really want is for you to understand your body from the inside out. Our resident mum-focused fitness professional Jen Dugard & Women’s Health Physiotherapist Jo Murdoch help you to understand that your pelvic floor is an internal muscle, what it has been through throughout your pregnancy and birth process and how you can become aware and start to strengthen it moving forward. They help you to understand your abdominal wall and pelvis, if you have abdominal separation or any kind of pelvic pain you can understand where you are at right now and your next best steps to take.

Step 4
Exercises you can do right now

We know you are itching to get started with some movement so Jen Dugard will guide you through some basic core and postural exercises that you can do whenever you feel ready postnatally.

Yes, we want you to wait until your 6-week check up before you return to more formal exercise and longer if you have had a c-section but these basic exercises will help you to begin to rebuild from the inside out safely and effectively when you feel ready.

Step 5
Finding the right movement for you

Now you are ready to start to think about moving into more formal exercise or movement of your choice.

We provide you with quality information and our top tips on what to look out for when enquiring with or talking to a gym, pilates or yoga studio, personal trainer or basically any kind of exercise program in the postnatal period.

You're ready to move forward with confidence

When you reach this stage of your program we know you will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to move forward on your exercise or movement journey with confidence.

We celebrate you and know that with education you become empowered.

Are you a new mum?
  • Have you recently become pregnant and want be prepared for your post natal journey?
  • Have you recently had a baby and been given limited or no post natal exercise guidance?
  • Do you have an older child but have never had any post natal exercise guidance?
This course is for you!
About the Creators
This program has been created by a wealth of knowledge & experience:
Jen Dugard
Jen Dugard
Mums Fitness Specialist

Jen Dugard, mum of 2, is the founder of Body Beyond Baby, creator of Fitness Professional Accreditation Safe Return to Exercise, author of the book 'How to Love your Body as much as your Baby' and has been specialising in working with pre & postnatal women within the fitness industry for over 14 years.

Jo Murdoch
Women's Health Physiotherapist

Has been working with women as a women’s health physiotherapists for over 10 years. Joelene runs clinics in Sydney specialising in treating women through their pregnancy, preparing women’s bodies for birth and educating women about birth,  and importantly how their bodies change post pregnancy and birth.

Jo Murdoch
Dr Drew Moffrey
Dr Drew Moffrey

Dr Drew Moffrey has a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the prestigious University of Queensland. Drew offers care for all women's health issues, all things gynaecology to fertility, pregnancy to menopause and beyond. Drew believe's in patient - focused holistic care where he provides evidence - based options and facilitate your health choices.

Nicole Highet
Emotional Wellbeing Specialist

Doctor Nicole Highet is the Founder and Executive Director of COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence. Nicole has a background in clinical psychology, qualitative consumer research, health promotion and advocacy. Following over thirteen years at Beyondblue as Deputy CEO, Nicole founded COPE in 2013 to provide a dedicated focus on effective and sustainable approaches to best practice in perinatal mental health.

Nicole Highet
Why this program is so important for you?

At best you may be lucky enough to have had a carer (OB, Midwife or GP) who understands what your postnatal body needs to recover & return to exercise. At worst if you are suffering birth injuries or trauma you may have been given little or absolutely no guidance at all and have been left to fend for yourself.

There is also no 'standard' education that Fitness Professionals MUST do prior to working with postnatal woman therefore women MUST be educated in seeking the best possible care.

Therefore we are on a MISSION to ensure you understand your body, what you have been through and can make the best possible and most educated choices on your postnatal journey.

  • Women make up 80% of those who report living with incontinence (
  • In 2016 mums made up 77% of women over the age of 15+ (
  • HALF of all women who have had a baby will experience prolapse (
  • Women make up 80% of those who report living with incontinence (
  • In 2013 it was estimated the annual cost of incontinence in Australia is $6.7 billion
What mums are saying

"Great program! Helped me to understand the physical & emotional side of the postnatal period, plus exercises to start off gently. I now know what to ask and knowledge is power."

"I found this program extremely helpful & empowering. All the info is easy to follow and videos are not overloaded with information. Highly recommend it to all new mums!"

"I now know what happens to the body and how to mindfully repair it before going back into exercise. I would never have given it a thought otherwise."

When can I start this program?

You can start this program whenever you feel ready before or after having your baby. The first few steps are all about understanding where you are right now, your birth experience and your body rather than ‘exercise’ specifically.

Will this program give me specific exercises to do?

Yes! This program is designed to provide you with the building blocks on which to begin your postnatal journey. We provide you with THE postural exercises you need to re-build from the inside out and set you up for the exercise or movement of your choice.

If my baby is ‘older’ is this program still for me?

You can start this program whenever you feel ready before or after having your baby. The first few steps are all about understanding where you are right now, your birth experience and your body rather than ‘exercise’ specifically.