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Body Beyond Baby is almost ten years old and with almost 13 years in the Fitness Industry Jen holds many years of learning, trial and error under her belt.

Starting with heart-felt goal setting that encompass all areas of your life and encompassing systems and set-up, policies and procedures, marketing and exercise programs along with ensuring you have an awareness of the business you are creating vs the life you want to enjoy.

Your mentoring experience adds years and years of learning and development both on a personal and professional level.

Through working with passionate individuals who want to create change is Jen’s aim is to help to create some of the best know Fitness Professionals in their space.

There is nothing she won’t share with you about her personal experiences and growth. You are fully encouraged and I encourage you to learn from me and to create a business that is a true representation of yourself and your values.

Like any relationship, it is important to ensure we are a great fit before deciding to work together.

Jen also only has the capacity to work with a certain number of mentored clients at any one time.

Please take some time to fill out this form considering your answers prior to sending and we will get back to you to continue the conversation.