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Our Safe Return to Exercise mission is to ensure every Health and Fitness Professional has a sound general knowledge in working with mums.

  • 85% of women will become mothers
  • Half of all women who have a child will experience some form of prolapse
  • 1 in 3 women experience pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Knowing how to work with this specialised, yet mass, population is imperative

Our Safe Return to Exercise accredited trainers are part of the movement to change the way women are trained and educated through pregnancy, postnatally and beyond.

Your improved knowledge will include:

  • How to properly talk to and guide your client around pelvic floor
  • How to check for abdominal separation and teach Transversus Abdominis awareness
  • How to connect with and work alongside a Women’s Health Physiotherapist to ensure the best possible care for your clients
  • How to properly understand, check and adapt for the most common pregnancy and postnatal contraindications

The steps to becoming a Safe Return to Exercise Accredited Trainer


  • Cert 3 & 4 for Fitness Australia accreditation
  • A passion to ensure mums are trained safely and effectively
  • Find a SRE Course in your area or Apply Today.