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    Postpartum weight-lifting – Is it safe?

    Are you a weight-lifting mum? Jen gives her top tips on how to safely lift weights postpartum.

    Travel Review: Club Med Bintan Island

    Looking for an awesome family holiday? Wendy Smiljan reviews Club Med Bintan Island where she recently visited with her family (including 3 kids).

    Six Exercises to Build the Foundation to Your Strongest Post-baby Body

    Jen details the top six safe and effective exercises for a strong post-baby body.

    Mum Moments – What is Pelvic Girdle Pain and how do I manage it?

    Rachel Leman of Miss Motivator Women's Workouts talks to Carly Groves, a physiotherapist, on the topic of Pelvic Girdle Pain.

    Mum Moments – How do I un-f*%k years of dieting now that I’m a mum?

    Jen Dugard talks to Lulu Thompson, diet recovery coach and personal trainer on how to leave behind years of dieting and move forward as a mum.

    My Top Relationship Tips – From someone who screwed it all up and was lucky enough that it got put back together

    Let’s just start this article by saying I am 100% not a relationship expert. I am however a 30-something year old woman who has had a few relationships in her time.

    Collaboration over Competition – The Birth and Evolution of Body Beyond Baby

    The evolution of Body Beyond Baby - welcome to the Body Beyond Baby Affiliates!

    Wearing a pad every day and accepting that as normal is not serving you

    A weak bladder postpartum is one of the few signs of weak pelvic floor muscles. And there is help!

    Living with Pelvic Organ Prolapse – The ups and the downs (literally)

    “Your prolapse is not as bad today”, observed the Women’s Health Physio as she was fitting me with a pessary, and she was right. Having a baby and suffering a…

    Mum Profile & 56 Days of YOU winner – Jacqui

    Jacqui was one of the inspiring mums that took part in our very first 56 Days of YOU challenge. With our start date very close to rolling around again we…