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    Christie Houghton wins at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards!

    Christie Houghton recently won the Small Group Trainer of the Year Award. Here she tells us a little bit more about this awesome achievement!

    Accepting Your Post-Baby Body

    How can you learn to accept (and love!) your post-baby body? Meli Comaschi-Cordoba discovers a few ways to start.

    Postpartum weight-lifting – Is it safe?

    Are you a weight-lifting mum? Jen gives her top tips on how to safely lift weights postpartum.

    Travel Review: Club Med Bintan Island

    Looking for an awesome family holiday? Wendy Smiljan reviews Club Med Bintan Island where she recently visited with her family (including 3 kids).

    Six Exercises to Build the Foundation to Your Strongest Post-baby Body

    Jen details the top six safe and effective exercises for a strong post-baby body.

    Mum Moments – What is Pelvic Girdle Pain and how do I manage it?

    Rachel Leman of Miss Motivator Women's Workouts talks to Carly Groves, a physiotherapist, on the topic of Pelvic Girdle Pain.

    Mum Moments – How do I un-f*%k years of dieting now that I’m a mum?

    Jen Dugard talks to Lulu Thompson, diet recovery coach and personal trainer on how to leave behind years of dieting and move forward as a mum.

    My Top Relationship Tips – From someone who screwed it all up and was lucky enough that it got put back together

    Let’s just start this article by saying I am 100% not a relationship expert. I am however a 30-something year old woman who has had a few relationships in her time.

    Collaboration over Competition – The Birth and Evolution of Body Beyond Baby

    The evolution of Body Beyond Baby - welcome to the Body Beyond Baby Affiliates!

    Wearing a pad every day and accepting that as normal is not serving you

    A weak bladder postpartum is one of the few signs of weak pelvic floor muscles. And there is help!